The Trash Panda

This app applies AI image recognition,training an Artificial Neural Network to identify recyclable materials and other waste objects.

On the application you can use a search bar, click-through categories, or the image recognition AI to identify and properly recycle your trash item. Disposal information will be provide based on user location.

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The Trash Panda app demo

Spotify Song Suggester

Back-end Flask API to suggest spotify songs in the Spotify Song Suggester app based on a track_id chosen by the user or a list of favorite songs. The API utilizes the Spotify Audio Features dataset, uploaded to Kaggle joined with webscraped genre. A KNN model that utilizes Natural Language Processing was integrated into the Flask app.

GitHub DS API repository


Back-end Flask API that utilizes Natural Language Processing to provide recommended cannabis strains in the MediZen app based on desired effects.

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App that consumes data from Twitter API. The app receives a tweet, and utilizing sentence embeddings, it compares between two users, who is more likely to write that specific tweet.

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Life expectancy

Data analysis on life expectancy based on past trends applying and investigating different Machine Learning models. Results were communicated via a Blog Post and a Dash Plotly Web application.

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